News from Room N312


Issue 3-September 28, 2015

What a fast week! September is flying by quickly. Your child brought home the first field trip slip of the year. We will be traveling to Culver's to kick off our big service project...more info to come about that. Then we will travel to Bubolz Nature Center for the rest of the day to study geocaching and rocks and minerals. It will be a super fun day! Please have your child's slip in by the end of this week.

Last week our class needed many reminders about chatting. We have been very loud in the hallways as we transition from class to class. The kids have also been working on transitioning within the classroom quickly and quietly. I will be moving desks around this week and hopefully this will help put an end to the chattiness as well. Please encourage your child to try hard at controlling the talking in the classroom. If we work together, we can continue to have a fantastic year as a strong team!

Mrs. Looper


  • Sophia's birthday is on Monday, September 28!
  • Our first book swap will be Wednesday, September 30
  • The FUN RUN is Friday, October 2
  • Field trip slips are due this week for our 1st field trip