U-Nah-Li-Ya 5th Grade

September 16-18, 2015

Initiatives by Truman and Jazmin

Initiatives is about teamwork and cooperation.

Team jump rope was where we had to go through a moving rope in groups with 2, 3 or 4 people. The wooden “A” game was a teacher in the middle of a wooden “A”, and we had ropes to try to pivot her to a tree. We worked as a team to get the "A" to move. We were successful.

The Whale Watch was where you had to get the whole class onto a platform without the platform touching the ground. We sat down and slowly inched forward. There were 2 students who slowly moved towards the end of the platform. We succeeded in getting our class to balance on the platform by working together. We learned that there are 5 c’s when working in a team: communication, cooperation, compassion, caring, and congratulating.

Canoeing by Will and Emily

At Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya we had a canoeing class. In the class we learned that the Native Americans made the first canoes out of a hollowed-out tree trunk, and the spine of a canoe is made out of bendable birch bark. When the birch bark is on the canoe, it is made to help the canoe float, and keep it from leaking water. Now most canoes are made out of aluminum metal.

What we did was we paddled around the lagoon. At the end of class, we had a race from one end of the lagoon and to the dock.

Supplies you will need- ∙Life jacket

∙paddle (if you rest the paddle on your toe the height will range from your nose to your forehead)


Overall, we had a lot of fun.

Night Hike by Erin, Careah, and Jake

A Night Hike is a hike at night. During the Night Hike, we had to keep our hands on the other person’s shoulder in front of us so that we could stay together as a group. A few people ran into a tree that fell over. We hiked to a clearing in the woods. When we go there, our class sat down and listened to the sounds around us. After we listened to our surroundings, we played Bat and Moth. It is like Marco Polo. One person says Bat and the other person says Moth. The whole point of playing this game, Bat and Moth, was to learn how bats use eco-location. Then we went and stood in a line. The instructor gave us something, and she told us to put in our mouth and chew with our mouth open. We saw flashes in their mouth like fireworks, but it was really Wintergreen Lifesavors. We started heading back to the Earth Lodge. The Night Hike was lots of fun.

Skits (Campfire) by Hannah and Darion

While we were at Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya we had a campfire, but it was inside. People signed up to do skits or short plays on different things like dancing, singing, comedy, jokes, and funny magic. Some kids got picked out of the crowd to participate in the skits/short plays. It was a very fun experience. We all thought the magic skit was very funny.

Predator/Prey by Hailey and Riley

In the game Predator/Prey we learned about carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores. There were things like humans, natural disasters, and diseases that could affect the ecosystem. We played all these parts. Riley and I (Hailey) were carnivores. We were at the top of the food chain, but the humans, natural disasters, and diseases could kill us. We could kill the omnivores and herbivores. In the game we had tokens which were our lives. Everyone had a different amount to start with. For example, if the carnivores tagged the herbivores, the herbivores had to give the carnivores one of their tokens. Then they would have one less life. After they are out of lives, there were teachers that gave out free lives. Everyone had to get a certain amount of lives. Also there were plates on trees that said water and some types of food. We had to tag them if we needed them. For example, the teacher gave each team a certain amount of lives and things (like water) that were needed. Overall the game was a blast !!!

Sauna by Josh and Leah

When we were at Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya we went into the sauna. Once we got to the sauna we walked into a little locker room that had hooks and benches for the people that didn’t want to go into the sauna. Inside the locker room there was another door that led to the sauna. Inside the sauna there was a wood stove behind some bricks and a few benches. It got really hot, but it felt really good. The hot ten minutes were worth it.

Rope Bridge by Hannah and Darion

The rope bridge at Camp-U-Nah-Li-Ya was a fun experience and was a challenging activity! Everyone tried it and had fun. Some people did not get across, but everyone cheered for them! It was a challenge to get across with the rope moving in all directions and with the boards moving as your feet hit them.

Camp Store by Andrew and Kyra

The Camp Store sold snacks and souvenirs. They had sweatshirts, sunglasses, bracelets, stuffed animals, gizmos, pens, t-shirts, water bottles, bandanas and much more! We could only go to the camp store after dinner. Only eight people were allowed in the store at once. It was really fun to go inside and look around and see what they had. There was always a huge line outside the store waiting to get in.

Orienteering by Cadence and Samuel

Orienteering was fun and a hard challenge for the class.

We had a fun time using the compass to navigate our camp friends around the camp. It was a very interesting project to do because we had to find a direction on the compass, walk a number of paces, and look very closely at the trees around us to find the wooden words to unscramble a puzzle. If we found the words, we knew we were using the compass correctly.

Gizmo by Amy and Carmella

The Gizmo was a fun game. The Gizmo was a small chip that is yellow. If you had the Gizmo at lunch, you had to do something funny. If you had the chip, and it was not lunch, then you could give it away to someone else. The way to play it was to give the Gizmo away and count to 10 U-Nah-Li-Ya, and then tell them that they had the Gizmo. At the end of the week you had to kiss the moose if you were the last one with the Gizmo. So go to Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya and have fun with the Gizmo!

Outdoor Living Skills by Leah and Josh

One of our classes was Outdoor Living Skills. In this class we talked about building shelters and building fires. We also talked about lighting fires, how long we could go without food and water in the wild, and what we should bring if we go on a hike. When we went to start building the shelters, we walked to the camp sled hill. Once we were down there we started to find tools to build the shelters with. After that we started to build our shelters, and then it started to rain. Then we walked into the tiny hut down by where we were building. Once we were in the hut, Trish showed us how to assemble a fire with the twigs and sticks. She had also showed us how to light a match. Eventually the rain stopped, and we went back to building the shelters. After we finished building the shelters Trish showed us how to build a fire. Outdoor Living Skills was a lot of fun. Our class learned a lot.

GaGa Pit by Kyra and Andrew

The Gaga pit was very fun because it is pretty much like dodgeball. You have to dodge the ball in order to stay in. In order to get somebody out you have to hit their knees or below. If you win the game you get to serve in the next round. We could play Gaga during recreation time (before meals and after dinner). It was always really fun because there would always be a large group of kids playing, and it would be harder to get other people out. If you would get someone out, it would make you feel good because there were so many people. Overall, Gaga was a really fun game/competition to play.

Field Hockey by Amy and Carmella

Field hockey is about playing on a team and teamwork to make a goal. It is like regular hockey but on dirt. The rules are easy. No high swings, and do not shove other people. Do not hit people on the field. WE LOVE FIELD HOCKEY!