Meeting Me

By Julia McCurry

My Hobbies

  • I love playing my instrument and learning new music. I love my saxophone and the way it sounds. I enjoy music a lot.
  • I love to shop with my grandma. She is super cool and has a little sense of style. We love going to retail shops and find good prices.

Who has Influences Me?

I think that everyone in my life has some kind of influence me. This influence can be bad or good either way they have affected me in some way. I wouldn't be the same to day if it wasn't for some people.

My favorite Book and Movie

  • My favorite book would have to be One Good Dog. It's a about a guy named Adam and he is going through a hard time in his life. Also, a dog that has been through bad owners.
  • My favorite movie is Unconditionally because it is heart filled and breaking at the same time.


Different is a word,

just a word.

a word we fear,


Because Different means,

we aren't like the others,

we are weird or crazy,

but we are all,

Different. ~ by Julia McCurry

I like the poem because it explain me and how it represents me.

Words that describe me

  • warm-hearted
  • friendly
  • interesting
  • intelligent
  • musical
  • humorous
  • easy-going
  • straight forward
  • respectful
  • independent

The quote I live by

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain"~Vivian Greene

I love this quote because it is all about having fun in the worst of situations. And I try to make the best of things no matter what I do.

places that have moved me

I have been to the grand canyon. It was amazing to see what people can do with just the things around them.
Journey - Faithfully (Official Video)