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Website Design Preston

Preston in Lancashire, UK, is an industrial hub, with historical associations dating back to the advent of the Industrial Revolution in England. Once a world-famous center for the spinning and weaving industry, the town now hosts several giant multi-national corporations in the sectors of aerospace, shipping, haulage, telecommunications and retail.

With so many industries being located here, marketing and advertising services have kept pace. With the advent of web marketing and newer media, these services have become one of the most important allied sectors in Preston.

Web design is a complex blend of graphics, inter-faces, software features, search engine optimization, user-driven design, etc and normally a huge team of experts in all these domains work in tandem as a team, though web designers usually consider themselves to be the front end of the design team and concentrate on creating a website that is accessible, attractive, memorable, usable and easy to navigate. Web development and web design are both required. Designers take care of the visual parameters which include the coding, technologies, layout, color schemes and the overall look.

Currently, with open-source browsers making their mark on the design field, more and more web designers have begun to incorporate these into their designs, to ensure that their websites remain at the cutting-edge of technologies. The development of newer devices and applications means that websites should be accessible by smart-phones, mobiles, tablets, interactive television, etc as well as by older devices like desk-tops and laptops.

Some of the essential features of a good web design are:

Minimalistic: Using a limited number of typefaces, colors and design elements like animations, graphics, fonts etc makes the design more appealing and allows the user to remain focused on what he or she has visited the website for. Too much clutter can be distracting/annoying and more importantly, can increase download time.

Theme: Web design should be clearly targeted at the audience it is meant for. Some general elements can be included, but the theme should be very clear – for instance, if your users are teens, there's a specific type of look and feel that you need to incorporate.

Coding: Keeping well within the standard coding formats, error-free coding, optimum layout codes etc make for better user experience.

Marketing and Promotional: These aspects form the basis of any good web design, since the primary function of a website is to promote or advertise products, concepts or services. Using the latest marketing concepts like social media marketing, blogs and forums as resources in your web design keeps the focus on enhancing visibility and access.

Web design also spills over into conventional media and many marketing campaigns are integrated efforts, with good co-ordination between conventional advertising, functional and informative copy, media, technologies and attractive design aspects.

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