NHS Technology Update

Back to School Inservice 2013-2014

We have some exciting changes taking place this year in regards to technology tools. This will give you a brief overview of the changes, opportunities, and your support system as you take advantage of these changes.

Intro of Cara Carter


NetSchool Upgrade
NetSchool has been upgraded to a much newer version. This version is faster, easier, and is accessible from phones and all other devices. Your current courses are already upgraded. Training for the new version:
What's New in NetSchool? (Online Training)
Enrollment Key: netschool

***IMPORTANT: Enrolling students is different in this version. It is important that you go to the online training and view the section called “Course and Student Management”.***

New to NetSchool?

New pages are not automatically created for you and you will need to email Cara Carter to get a page set up. Please be specific with the name of your page. Once your page is set up, this video should help you with the very basic beginning steps.


Tablets for Teachers

All secondary teachers (Grades 6-12) will be given a Dell Latitude 10 tablet that runs Windows 8. This will be in addition to your laptop and runs like a full functioning computer. It has the capability to replace your chalkboard and document camera! This does NOT mean that someone will come take your document camera, but in time, they will be phased out.

Insert Document Camera Video Here
Chalkboard Video Here

Tablet training will be available by a whole slew of Instructional Technology Gurus. PLEASE SIGN UP IN EDUPHORIA. I HIGHLY recommend this training.

Tablets and Student Devices

District Issued Student Device
All high school students have access to a Dell Latitude 10 Tablet.
Overview Video
They will have the same tablet for the remainder of their high school career. They will receive the same one next year. If their tablet breaks, the technology department will fix it, but it will be the same tablet. If anyone cannot afford the usage fee and insurance, contact the Technology Department. There are different fees and grants available for those on free and reduced lunch.
***Students will receive training on their new device during advisory.

Bring Your Own Device
Some students will choose to BYOD (bring your own device). Students must follow district policy and guidelines if a student chooses to use their own device.

For more information about the devices, insurance, and polices to bring your own device, go to www.nisdtx.org/computingdevices.

Latitude 10 essentials configuration - Learning Productivity
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Support System

You have a huge support system to help you make these things happen! At NHS you have the following people ready to help you.

Instructional Technology Support Teacher

Cara Carter, NHS and Steele Accelerate High School, ccarter@nisdtx.org
The role of Instructional Technology Support teacher is to help your classroom and instruction reflect 21st Century Skills. This includes, but not limited to:
  • Designing lessons using tablets and other technology
  • Assist you in setting up your netSchool course
  • Train on SchoolWires website
  • Use technology to assist in classroom management
  • Coteach lessons
  • Brainstorm technology integration ideas
  • Provide district training (digitally and face to face

Campus Technology Liaison (CTL)

Brittany Horn, STEM Enlish Teacher, bhorn01@nisdtx.org
Leslie Tatum, Algebra I Teacher, ltatum@nisdtx.org

Since Instructional Technology Teachers are not always on campus, you have two teachers that are able to help with your technology needs. They serve as model classrooms, help generate lesson ideas, and can provide training for you.

Librarian/Media Specialist
Naomi Bates, nbates@nisdtx.org

Librarians at NISD are experts at research using 21st century techniques and tools. We are lucky enough that the librarian at NHS, Naomi Bates, is also a guru at locating many digital tools that can be used for student products.

Gradebook Managers
Kara Lea Deardorff, Casey Helmick, Jeremy Rawe, and Department Heads
This role is designed to take care of all your gradebook needs. If you need additional support, they will most likely contact Julie Elder, our district grade book manager.

Campus Webmaster

If you need help setting up your campus website, you can contact me or your CTLs. However, if you need something added to the NHS webpage, Tammy McCreary is your go to person.

Additional Technology Reminders

  • Put in an Eduphoria helpdesk ASAP if your room is not set up.
  • Need help resetting your phone? Click here.
  • NISD now has Google Docs for education! This means that all students and teachers have a Google Docs account already created with their @nisdtx.org email address. Here is a video made by Coach Gatlin at BNHS that is very helpful. http://youtu.be/8pttYMuSpQc

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