About The Museum

This museum is the only ww1 museum in the united states. The museum itsself is composed of thousands of artifacts that were actually from ww1. There is something to do here for everyone, and the museum itsself is very educational. This trip, in my opinion, was a very good trip and I think they should take it every year.
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When you enter the museum there is this very large glass bridge. Underneath it is 9000 poppy plants, and each one represents 1000 people who died during the war. Now, the poppy is a plant to represent the war, because no matter how bad it got in the trenches these flowers grew back through the mud and hell.


  • Men were much smaller during WW1. Men were usually 5'5 and 130 pounds.
  • Walt Disney drove an ambulance during the war
  • A pilots life expectancy was 6 weeks, if they made it out of training
  • They used mules to carry artillery
  • About 65 million fought and over 9 million died
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This is medical equipment actually used during the war. The survival rate during the war was low, 30% of arm wounds resulted in death.

What Did Everyone Else Think?

Everyone I asked said that they enjoyed this museum just as much as me. My classmates thought the museum was very informative and that it was a good trip. My classmate Khaila Slye said the museum was a lot of fun and she learned a lot. She also said she would want to go again and be able to explore more of the museum.