Hawaiian Monk Seal

Threatened and Endangered


-classified as world's most critically endangered mammal

-special body covering includes gray skin with silver-gray underparts

-can grow up to 7 ft and weigh 600 lbs

-unusual characteristics include hauling onto and staying on sand.


Food Chain

-basic food source are crustaceans, fish, eels, and octopus.

-prey mostly in water, sometimes on land


-predator to fish and crustaceans

-prey to whales and sharks


Save Our Seals. Save Ourselves - The Marine Mammal Center


-live in the ocean near the Hawaii Islands
-prefer to stay on land

-can survive on both land and ocean



-powerful fins to get away from predators

-strong teeth for if they start a fight

-to get food, the seal has powerful teeth that can crush a shell of an oyster and fins that help them chase after the prey


Critical Info/ Reason for endangerment

-estimated 1200 individuals and the number is going down

-government made it illegal to hunt these seals, taking away their main cause for decrease in population



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