Important Upcoming Due Dates

la clase de español 3 con la Sra. Aguirre

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Weeks 1-8 (Units 1-4) Due by Friday, March 24

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Statement of Understanding of Due Dates (for students)

I have asked students to copy and paste the statement below, filling in his/her name and email or text me the statement about the closing date for the first half of the semester. This way I will know that each student is aware that assignments will be closing for the first half of the semester and that students are also aware of the due date. This is also stated in the Class Schedule of Assignments. Click here for the Class Schedule of Assignments.

Student Statement of Understanding

I , _____________________ understand that in our Spanish class, all work in Weeks 1-8 (units 1-4) must be turned in by Friday, March 24 @ midnight as these assignments will close. I understand that there will be no extensions to this deadline. Any missing assignments will calculate as 0s permanently.

This means students have 2 weekends and 2 weeks to get work for Weeks 1-8 (Units 1 -4) completed! Please check with your student as to where he/she is in our class and encourage him/her to get those assignments completed! I am in the process of contacting parents this week about student progress.

How are grades calculated?

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Contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Beverly Aguirre