Michelangelo Buonarroti

By Tia Singleton


Michelangelo was born March 6,1475 in Caprese Italy.

He spent most of his life in Italy. He stayed near the Medici in Italy while they were in power. After he moved to Rome and was sent back to Florence to do more work. He eventually went back to Rome and died there.

When he was 13 he was permitted to become an artist - apprentice. Everyone around knew he was a gifted artist.

He spent most of his life making art. He traveled all over Italy making sculptures and painting projects for people.

Michelangelo did paintings and sculptures.

His most famous painting is the Sistine Chapel Ceiling.

His most famous sculpture is David.

The Medici Family were his patrons, they offered a lot of support until they were over throwed in 1494.

Hercules and Cacus; maquette

This piece was created c. 1525.

You might see this piece today in Casa Buonarroti (Florence, Italy).

This piece is significant because the people in the statue are missing limbs, and this piece isn't as smooth and defined as his usual work.

I found this piece interesting because the sculpture looks like there are two people fighting. There is a lot of rubble and cracks in the sculpture. I am guessing the reason why is to show how old or how long the fighting has been going on. It feels like its telling a story.

Humanism because the sculpture looks like the people are "solving" a problem, instead of asking God for help.