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August - September 2013

Show Me the Data!

It's always amazing to to see the actual data - numbers - behind the everyday workings of the NHS Library. Posted outside the Library doors is the "Show Me the Data!" display. This version is highlighting the top readers in number of books checked out during August - September months. Library circulation statistics plus student visits to the library are also posted.

Congratulations to the Top Readers Named @ NHS Library

Top readers are listed by the total number of books they checked out during the beginning two months of school.
Top Readers for NHS
1. Ashley Beck
2. Christian Dayton
3. Emily Holt
4. Frank Willmeno
5. Dustin Ernst
6. Christopher Shore
7. Jake Carson
8. Jared Hartung
9. Alexander Bollinger
10. Andrew Bingman
11. Spencer Kemp
12. Robert Mallory
Top Seniors
1. Spencer Kemp
2. Megan McCoy
3. Megan Kornhardt
Top Juniors
1. Emily Holt
2. Alexander Bollinger
3. Andrew Bingman
Top Sophomores
1. Ashley Beck
2. Christopher Shore
3. Briana Bond
Top Freshmen
1. Christian Dayton
2. Frank Willmeno
3. Dustin Ernst

Who Visited the Library during August - September?

Students dropped in the Library from academic labs, study halls, classrooms, and during lunchtime. They were able to check-out books as well as use the computers for school assignments and personal use.
Student Drop-in's - 1621
Teachers scheduled "library time" to work with librarians for class instruction and to use the library computer classrooms.
Scheduled Library Classes
August - 56 total class periods
September - 103 total class periods

NHS Reading Promotions

READbox is a big hit in the library with books titles that have been made into movies - current and coming soon to the big screen.
Check out NHS Library YouTube One Channel which is showing the newest book trailers for the Gateway Award Books, new fiction ebooks, and more.

Book Circulation by Grade Levels

Freshmen - 1289
Sophomores - 349
Juniors - 281
Seniors - 233

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