China's Philosophy By: Jacob Gordon


Imagine this! You are living in the Qin Dynasty during Ancient China. People are giving you punishments everyday just because you pinched your little brother. Would you like that? I wouldn't but people like it. Some people hate it. Why? We don't know!

The Birth Of A Philosophy!

It all started in the Qin Dynasty with a leader called Shi Huangti. Shi Huangti was a Legalist. Legalism is a philosophy. He started Legalism. He made it reach the highest point in China. Legalism was very important to Shi Huangti. Shi Huamgti used this philosophy to keep his people in line. There was another leader named Shang Yang. He was a Legalist too!

Living in the Qin Dynasty!

Shi Huangti was the leader of the Qin Dynasty. In the Qin Dynasty, Legalism reached the highest point in Chinese history. The Qin Dynasty was brief in Chinese history (221 bc - 206 bc). The Qin Dynasty left important artifacts or marks of the Chinese culture. The Qin Dynasty unified China for the first time in China history.


Legalism is not a religion! Legalism is not a game! It is a PHILOSOPHY! Legalism is the belief that people were bad to nature and were needed to be controlled. Legalism was a political philosophy without religion concerns. It only dealt with social and government control. Followers of Legalism disagreed with the moral preachings of Confucianism. Legalists also rejected Daoism because it didn't stress respect for authority. Legalists felt that society needed strict laws and to keep people in line and that punishments should fit crimes. They believed that citizens should be help responsible for each other's conduct. Heaven is there GOD. A guilty's person relatives and neighbors should also be punished so that everyone would obey the laws. Unity and efficiency was very important! They wanted Appointed officials to run China, not nobles. They were the first to put ideas throughout China.


I never thought Legalism was sooooooo HARSH! I'm thinking about switching philosophy's! Confucianism sounds great!