The Core

Its the beginning of the End!

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The Center of the Earth

Inside the center of the earth is the core. The core is made up of liquid iron, and liquid nickel.
Global Warming: Can Earth Explode?

-Oceans around Antarctica at depths of 5 km are less salty and less dense confirming that Antarctica is melting from underneath. Also the last few years were the WARMEST ever recorded on Earth.

Earth's Core Is Hotter Than Originally Thought
Earth's Core is Melting...and Freezing!

The inner core of Earth is simultaneously melting and freezing due to circulation of heat in the overlying rocky mantle.

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Inner Core of the Earth Spins Faster

The inner core of earth spins extremely fast. So fast that it actually has caused earthquakes.
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How Powerful Can the Core Be?

This pictures shows an example that if the core of earth was to erupt someday, how powerful and massive it would be.