Local News Update


The military has a lot of different tactics like infantry or an air attack, but they sometimes use chemical and biological weapons (or CBW).using CBWs may seem like a good idea for the military but it’s NOT because of the long lasting effects the weapon cause, the outbreak of friend fire that can happen, and it’s hard to defend against.

Friendly fire

One of the negative effects is the friendly fire it might cause. CBW can get out of control if not contained .CBW will kill everyone in the area. If someone does survive the CBW will cause permanent damage.

Long lasting

Another negative effect is that it is extremely long lasting. The effects on the area can last longer than needed. The effects can be passed on to the next generation. They can also cause environmental damage.


Although the military uses them CBW can cause friendly fire, long lasting effects, and it is hard to defend against. I thank it is a bad idea and I hope now you do to.