Friday Coffee Chat

The Glowing Stones

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Friday, June 12th

Happy FRIDAY Glowing Stones! Summer is here and tis the season for PLANTING seeds and watching your gorgeous garden grow! Just like our gardens, our businesses need nourishment and positivity to continually grow and sprout. We may have a week where we see no change, no responses - but then the magic happens. SEEDS SPROUT and your business soars! This business is all about making connections, sticking with them and following through. Keep believing that YOU are planting SEEDS everywhere YOU GO, stay the course, and you will have a gorgeous garden before you know it.
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Share the #sdjoy with this amazing sign-up special!

We are smack dab in the middle of an incredible sign up special and if there was anytime to spread the #sdjoy - IT'S NOW!!!

It's so easy to prejudge women and think of all the reasons they wouldn't want to join us - but what if you flipped that and thought of the one reason they would? And then shared that?!

That's what Stylist Camille Henderson is doing. If you've been on Facebook this past week you know it's clear that she is on a sponsoring mission. She is adding women to our 'Learn More About Being A Stella & Dot Stylist' FB page left and right by simply just asking. Better than that - she is adding them, sending them some info and THEN saying 'when can you get on the phone to talk?' She has had three phone conversations already with many more to come, and I just know she is going to be adding some new team members very soon!

What's she saying? Take a look!

(And if you aren't on this FB page yet, let me know - I'll add you and you can add your potentials. We are having a team opportunity call on Tuesday, June 16th at 9pm EST - invites will be going out via that page so you want your potentials to be there!)

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Look who else is rocking it!

Top Ten for the week! Way to give yourself a raise already, Melissa!

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Last few days for Dot Dollars - DO NOT miss the chance to provide great customer service by reaching out and letting your customers know!

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Clear Eyes, Full Heart - let's rock those weekend shows!

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts...