Calypso Cupcakes

Come Get the Best of It.

Our bakery is the best in all of the county

Our bakery makes pastry items, cupcakes, and cakes, all from scratch. We also make our own coffee from premium Colombian coffee. The business has a warm cozy feeling, and is perfect for all ages. Our prices are not outrages and our bakery is sure to boost the economic activity.

Come give us a visit!

Open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, there is never a time that we aren't here for you. We are even open on holidays! Special orders are also available for anything, anytime! :)

Wednesday, Nov. 26th, 6:45am-9pm

42 Richmond Road, Texarkana, TX, United States

Come to our opening party! Cupcakes are each 10% off, and all the money earned is donated back into the community!!!! Plus, bring our flyer in, and get FREE coffee!!

Print This Off

Print this flyer and bring it to our opening party and get a free coffee!!

We are famous!!!

Gourmet Cupcakes Recipes

Doesn't this just scream cupcake?

Frozen's "Let it Go" (Piano Karaoke Version) Idina Menzel