What i learned in science

By Aaron K.

people can see when plates move because when they move they create tsunamis and earthquakes. In the science book the text says that earthquakes and tsunamis are created by plates sliding under each other. Plates grow over time and run in to other plates when two plates run in to each other they slide over or under the other.

What is Erosion


Erosion is the destructive process in which water or wind carries away little fragments of rock. There are three main types of erosion Deposition, Compaction, and Cementation.

Rocks and Minerals

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Rock cycle

the rock cycle is a cycle that rocks use to make other rocks. the rock cycle keeps repeating and after its over it goes through the cycle again.
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Many minerals come from solutions that are made by mid-ocean ridges. Some minerals are made from magma under ocean ridges. scientists identify minerals by doing many tests including color tests.

What I liked about this activity

this activity was fun because it was something new.