And What To Do.

Mark and Sally got into debt trouble, when they found they couldn't pay off the loans they took out to pay for their new car, house rent and everything they bought for their newborn daughter. They struggled at first, paying off the wrong loans first, not budgeting well enough and not finding help - and by not acting soon enough. Luckily, they managed to follow these steps and managed to get out of their debt. For others it isn't so easy. Thousands of people loose their homes, electricity and so much more because of their debt, that they just can't pay off...

Act NOW.

Possibly the most important step in staying and getting out of debt would be acting fast. If you wait, for what ever reason, your debt is only going to get worse, and harder to get out of. Acting now would mean you have to pay less interest, and you won't end up running the risk of losing any of your property, or being taken to court.


A debt is either priority, or non-priority. The debts you should pay first are the priority debts.

These debts include:

> Council Tax

> Mortgage, rent etc.

> Income Tax, National Insurance and VAT

> Gas and electricity bills

> Child maintenance

> Court fines, etc.

These don't have to be the largest debts or the debts with the highest interest rate. But if you don’t pay them, you could end up:

> Losing your home – because you’re not keeping up with your mortgage or rent payments

> Being made bankrupt – because you haven’t paid your tax bills

> Having your heating or lighting cut off – if you haven’t paid your fuel bills

> Or, in extrmeme cases - receiving a court summons.

Work Out a Budget.

A budget is a great idea to try and organize your spending. But first, you need to work out how much you spend - and how much money you have coming in monthly. Once you have managed to work out your budget, you can see exactly how much money you have left to pay off your debts. If there still doesn't seem to be enough money left over, you any have to cut back on certain things. Try thinking about what you want, and what you actually need, too.

Seek Professional Help.

If none of these tips seem to be working out very well, you may need to seek more personally help, adapted to fit your situation exactly. Because although it won't feel like it, thousands of people will have roughly the same problem as you, and there is ALWAYS a solution, sometimes you just need to know how to find the solution. This is often through help from companies who deal with this daily. Don't struggle alone!