Grand Master Mind Plot

By Jacob , Kaiyah , Jalyn , and CJ

Booth Worked With Many People Throughout his Confederate Career

Booth had many conspirators. The people relevant to Booth is Lewis Powell,George Atzerodt,Mary Surratt and David Herold. Booth joined many groups that supported slavery, raids, executions, and captures of Union agents/allies. Booth was also a secret agent for the confederacy. This would help Booth to get conspirators who were loyal.

Booth Spent a Lot of Time Planning the Assassination

Booth spent a lot of time planning the assassination of Lincoln. It took Booth a whole month to plan the assassination. He even originally had a plan to kidnap Lincoln in return for confederate prisoners of war. Booth has at least 6 known conspirators for the kidnapping.Lincoln did not show up on time to be kidnapped so Booth gave up on that plan.

Counterclaim 1

Booth went to military academy when he was younger. This allowed him to have the right skills to perform his mission by himself. It is impossible for Booth to be able to do this alone because Booth had three different targets in three different places. Booth planned his assassinations all on the same night so there is no way Booth could have traveled to the different locations without being detected in one night.

Counterclaim 2

Booth was in the Richmond Grays militia and lived on a farm. This military experience would help him carry out an assassination and stay undetected. Booth had three targets and hoped to assassinate all of them on the same night in three different places. This was impossible because there citizens who witnessed Booth's first assassination on Lincoln. For example, Major Rathbone even fought back and was stabbed by Booth.