Let us help your loved one get out of jail to rehab

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We can hep get your loved one out of jail and into treatment.


• Review inmates immediate needs to see if they meet protocol for our services

• Submit a pre-screening application for services to the jail

• Upon receipt we schedule a phone screen to ensure the inmate is willing to change, ( not jusy because they are locked up.

• Once we feel certain the inmate is a good fit we then contact the family .

• We contact the defense attorneys office to request a motion for expedited bond modification.

• We attempt to communicate with the D.A/Solicitors office to see if they are on the same page or in opposition with our clinical recommendation for the inmate needing pre-trial release for the sole purpose of getting well so this doesn’t continue and become a way of life for the inmate. ( some people become institutionalized and are not even aware.

• Once we have this in place we are at the mercy of the DA’s office and the Court system to get us before a General Sessions/Superior Court Judge to request a PR bond/Bond Reduction for the purpose of going into a program of recovery which most likely caused the inmate to commit the alleged crime.

• Once we have a date on the docket we travel and present all the findings on a clinical basis and mitigating factors as to why the inmate should be allowed to be released for said reasons.

• Once permitted the Judge will sign off on this and our staff will schedule a pick up time with the jail sgt, to get the inmate and transport them to the location of treatment.

• We are very involved from this point forward however we do not try and step on the toes of those whom run the facility. We are basically on-call as a case manager. Keeping ongoing lines of communication open between us and the newly established client in the “ free world”.

• At the time the courts make a decision a new court date will be assigned, we communicate with the defense team and DA office as well as the treatment provider to ensure the client is actively pursuing recovery and more than likely cases can be pushed out up to 1 yr after pre-trial release. The longer the better, this gives some high profile drug cases in small towns time for the “ dust to settle” if you will and also gives the offender time to rehabilitate themselves so when the day does come for the client to be in court, we will have multiple mitigating factors as to why these charges should be lessened/dropped and a lesser sentence imposed.

• After the final court date we begin to slowly remove our self from the clients daily affairs, for by this time they should be well established in their recovery and on the road to a happy, sober, productive way of life, as well as a asset to society rather than a burden or criminal.

• In most felony cases some probation is imposed at sentencing, this should not be any big deal if the client remains clean, sober and compliant with the rules laid out by the Department of Probation, Parole and Pardons. Basically be where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing, and with whom you should be doing it with. Its that simple. Yet the addicted mind tends to complicate, over analyse the terms and gets engulfed in fear, fails to utilize the tools given and ends up resorting back to the old way of coping and ends up high again….and we all know from this point the places the client will end up. Jails, institutions, detox facilities and so on . RECOVERY MUST BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THEIR DAILY LIVES. FOR WITHOUT RECOVERY THERE IS NO FAMILY, FRIENDS, JOB, OR FREEDOM. RECOVERY IS A LIFE LONG PROCESS. YOU ARE NOT CURED ONCE YOU GRADUATE FROM A REHAB PROGRAM. ITS A DISEASE, READY TO FLARE UP JUST WHEN THE ENVIRONMENT IS CONDUCIVE.

• Alas. You and the family should continue doing all you've been taught over the last 6 months-up to 1 year and all should go well. Should the client have any unexpected related issues pertaining to the case of which we were actively involved with by all means feel free to contact us with any concerns, or questions and we will do our best to help.


EMS: electronic monitoring in 50 states.

Intervention services

Sober Coach

Sober Companion




We got a call from a Georgia attorney asking if we could help him with a drug addicted client who was incarcerated and had a high bond. We faxed the jail an application for the offender, we reviewed and contacted the jail to have Mr. Hall call us from the phone up front and we did a phone screening. We called the attorneys office back to reveal him our assessment findings, It was very evident that Mr. Hall was locked up as a direct result of his untreated addiction. We then called the ADA [assistant District Atty/States Attorney and explained to their office what we thought would help all parties which was to be released into our custody to be taken to a therapeutic community, halfway house in our network. The DA agreed to Nol Pros [dismiss all charges] some of which were felonies upon completion of a year program. The program is one which you can and are expected to obtain gainful employment and eventually begin to pay your own way through the recovery process. Its like living in a college dorm for females or males. Everyone is on the same path seeking a solution for their addiction. This client also had warrants in 3 other states and counties. Fortunately we were able to get the prosecutor to agree to run their charges consecutively and offered the same conditions that he must go to recovery program and then post release drop all charges and give Mr. Hall a chance to start life over on a different note. He is active now in AA/NA and doing well and crime as well as drug free…..32 year old . Georgia.

24 Hour Addiction Crisis Hotline-Sentencing Specialist on call to assist you

24 hour Addiction Crisis Hotline.

We are available and on call to help your loved one.

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