Garcia Family History

Immigration to the United States

What are the reasons for my family to migrate to the United States when they did?

My great grandfather and the rest of my family migrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic in the late 1980's. The reason for it, we don't know. That is what I am investigating and trying to solve.

Where My Family Grew Up

My family is originally from a small town in Dominican Republic called Jarabacoa, located towards the center of the island. This is the town they migrated from to the United States.

Growth of Hispanic Immigration In New York (1980's)

There was an extreme growth of immigration in New York in the late 1980's. Especially hispanic immigration!

- Hispanic residential population grew from 281,797 to about 1,783,511 in the 1980,s; about 18.8%.

Why Did They Migrate?

There were many reasons to migrate from the Dominican Republic at the time such as:

- political and social instability at home

- limited employment opportunities

- poor economic conditions

Impact of Dominican Immigration

Dominican traditions have made their way through American cultures throughout the years.

- In New York the growth of the Dominican population can be seen in the annual Dominican Day Parade