Thank you!

For passing around a catalog!

It's this simple:

  • Start collecting orders NOW!
  • Take the catalog to work!
  • Pass it around at your Thanksgiving gatherings!
  • Send it with your husband/partner!
  • Email, text and call friends to see if they would like to order as well!
  • Your friends can also shop online at and enter your name as the host!

I will call you to collect orders on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1ST!

When you gather $150 in orders (excluding tax and shipping), you can pick ANY item or set in the catalog for 60% OFF!!!


Collect $300 in orders and receive $25 in FREE products of your choice, 1 item at 60% OFF AND 1 item at 50% OFF!

Contact me with any questions:

Debi Baldwin

YOUR Independent Consultant with The Pampered Chef

Phone/Text: 502-235-9529