Doug Howard

We are making products for the future!

We have come up with new gadgets, and we are making the old ones better! We work specifically on engineered technology, specifically watches, credit cards, clocks, TV's, and radios! We area corporation because we needed this company to be a group effort, so that one person wouldnt gain too much influence in our business. We dont want only one person coming up with out ideas! We will overcome the issue of possibly becoming independent from one another by constantly keeping in touch with each other and keeping the rules around the office strict but also a bit flexible.

We are a labor union in a closed shop

The reasons we use this kind of labor union is because most people in this job have to be an engineer. This helps create unified groups because everyone is an engineer. Our other groups will also have closed shops, such as the businessmen and the marketers. Our business will go green because we are here to improve whats been made or make new thing that will be useful to people in the future.