Clara Barton

Greatest nurse in history

Growing Up As a Nurse

Have you ever heard of Clara Barton? Well you’re in for a real surprise. Clara Barton was born December 25, 1821 (Christmas Day). Her real name was Clarissa Harlowe Barton. She was the youngest of 4 siblings Stephen Jr, David, Sally, and Dorthea. Her parents names were Stephen and Sarah Barton. Her mom taught her women's rights and encouraged her to believe that women can do what men could do. Her father (a soldier) taught Clara to help those in need, and to serve her country. Clara was smart before she went to school, because her siblings helped her with reading, math,geography (Clara’s favorite) and how to ride and care for a horse. When school started Clara was only four years old and boys made fun of her lisp. A lisp is when people have trouble with there S’s. That was one of many challenges in her lifetime. In 1833 her brother David fell while building a barn. So he went to the doctor. The doctor didn’t know what was wrong with David. Clara helped care for him for 2 years he finally got better. That was her first nursing opportunity. In 1860 Clara moved to Washington D.C. for a job. She got fired because she was a women. Clara asked her family and friends to send letters to government about her unfair treatment. Finally she got her job back and men made fun of her. That was another challenge Clara faced. In 1861 she was a volunteer to help soldiers. In 1865 Clara helped find 22,000 dead and missing men after the Civil War. In 1869 she traveled to Europe to learn about the International Red Cross. She started the American Red Cross in 1870. 1904 came along and she resigned as head of the American Red Cross soon as after she got back to Europe. Clara’s sister, Sally, got cancer Clara cared for her for 6 weeks. It was getting cold for Clara’s liking. So she went home. Springtime came and Sally’s cancer got worse. So Clara hurried back. Unfortunately Clara was too late Sally died shortly after Clara got to New England. In 1912 Clara died of Double Pneumonia at the age of 90.

Founder of the American Red Cross

Clara played an important role for serving soldiers in America. In 1861 She was a volunteer to help soldiers. Clara was known for her many achievements throughout her life. She helped doctor's tie and make bandages for hurt soldiers. Clara was then nicknamed “The Angel of the battlefield,” when helping soldiers. In 1886 she formed the American Association of the Red Cross. The American Red Cross was a group of people helping other people in need.

Impact in Nursing

We remember Clara as brave,kind,and friendly. She was brave because she went to the battlefield and helped hurt soldiers. She was caring because she helped wounded soldiers. She was friendly because she thought about other people and helped them. She quoted, “Pain and suffering don’t take sides,” She helped Union or Confederate black or white. Clara Barton was definitely a true hero.