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For the week of January 20

Learning this Week


On Friday we began our unit on Solids, Liquids, and Gasses. This unit will help meet the Indiana State Standards that will help students characterize materials as solid or liquid. We will also be working on some experiments where we will separate solids, liquids and gasses based on their physical properties. (Many of the games on our class Symbaloo work on these skills. The link to the Symbaloo is listed below. Be sure to check it out!)


This week's words are long o words with the spellings of: ow, oa, and just o. Because these are tricky spelling patterns for first graders we are going to spend 2 weeks working on them. So, next week we'll have List 13.5 with other long o words. The test on the long o words will be on Friday, Jan. 30. I will choose 10 of the 20 words for them to spell for the pattern words, 5 or the 10 challenge words and we'll just have the same 5 Word Wall words both weeks. Please check your child's backpack for list 13. It is also pictured below. Please let me know if you have any questions.


We'll continue to work on addition and subtraction in our small groups, but as a whole group we are moving onto measurement. This week we will focus on US and metric units used to measure length and practice using rules, yard sticks, meter sticks and measuring tapes.



This week we begin our unit of study about Fairy Tales, Fables and Folktales. We'll be reading lots of different tales from around the world. Some of the skills we will be covering throughout the unit include:

  • Plot structure- Problem/ Solution/ Conflict, story structure
  • Cause/ Effect
  • Point of View
  • Characters- character types (villain, hero, etc.), how characters change over time
  • Morals and Themes
  • Making connections- text to text- using what we know about one story to help us predict and understand another
  • and more!


We'll use our study of fairy tales, folktales and fables to look at developing good fiction stories. The goal is for students to transfer what we are seeing in reading into their writing. Some of our focus will be on creating interesting characters- What can others learn from our characters? How do they change throughout the story? Do they solve the problems? Etc. We will also look at story structure- What is the problem/ conflict in the story? How is it going to be solved? What are the main events? Are they in order?

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Tuesday- Day 1- PE (Tennis shoes)-----Don't forget to send in library books

Wednesday- Day 2- Art

Thursday- Day 3- Music

Friday- Day 1- PE

Book Orders

The Scholastic Book orders are coming home today. Please look through the fliers to see if there are books you'd like to order.

Book Orders are due Wednesday, Jan. 28. Each student who orders will receive a Penguins of Madegascar bookmark. :)

To order books online go to and use the activation code: GZB9D.

Apps and Websites

Websites/ Apps


Hundreds of leveled books. Can be an used with the app or web login on a computer. Teacher's name- missyoungsclass

Front Row-

A great website to practice math skills. This can also be used with the app or web login. Students enter first and last name and the code- hebtca

Spelling City-

List 13 words are uploaded to the website. Games and activities are available.

Class Symbaloo- Lots of activities to explore Solid, Liquid, and Gas