Emma Pauline Bush

My Great Grandma

She changed her name to Pauline

Important dates in Emma's life!

  • Born November 9, 1916
  • Married on June 7, 1936 to Marvin Eugene Bennett
  • Died January 20, 1995

Kids and more dates!

  1. Janna Born December 31, 1941
  2. Karen Born August 8, 1947
  3. Robbie Born May 23, 1947

Emma's favorite things to do!

Emma loves to golf and she is really great at it. She also likes traveling she has gone to

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Rome
  4. Germany
  5. Great Britain
  6. Scotland
  7. Ireland
  8. And more

She whent on a lot of crises too. She did a lot of going to Elder Hostels when her husband retired. (An Elder Hostel is when elders go during the summer to a collage and stay in the dorms and learn differnt things that they did not lean in school.

She played Bidge, Canasta, and Cribage. She was really good and won almost every time.

She loved to paint there is a few pictures that we have in the house

Where Emma lived!

Emma lived in Mt. Vernon, Indiana

Emmas job!

Emma was a stay at home mom. But a great seamstress and taylor.

She embroidered this dress

Four Very Important Dates in Emmas Life!

  1. World War II
  2. The Korean conflict
  3. The Great Depression
  4. 1969 was when the first man walked on the moon.
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