The Job

Tales Of Steve Osborne

Steves purpose

The purpose of the job is for Steve Osborne to inform the reader all about the life of a new york city cop, But in funny ways. He talks about how he never had to pull out or even use his gun even once and he is retired. I know that the purpose is to inform the reader because he talks all about the new york city in great detail and I learned from it. Some things I learned can be to always be prepared and don't underestimate anyone, And also be ready for anything.
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Photograph of a investigation on the sub-way

This photo was taken in the same time-frame when Steve was a street cop in new york city. Crime in NYC was at a all time high during the 80s.
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A police man arresting a suspect

This shows that suspects can be apprehended without the use of force. In the book Steve walks into a suspect house thinking he was busting a "Wimpy little stockbroker" But the man turned out to have full body armor and a gun.