Endangered animals

the blue whale

Blue Whale leaps out of the water, Dana Point Ca. must see only 20 seconds


The blue whale is a mammal even though it lives in the ocean. It is about 79 to 88 ft long and weighs about 130 to 150 tons. It has grey skin with white or grey dots. It is a carnivore which means it eats meat. The blue whale is called a blue whale because it looks blue under water

Food chain

The blue whale eats krill. A krill is a kind of shrimp. Since the whale is a large animal all it has to do to get the krill is open its mouth and the krill would be sucked in. The blue whale's main predator is humans but sometimes, sharks and killer whales eat them.


The blue whale lives in the ocean all around the world. The blue whale mates in warmer water and gives birth in colder water.


The blue whale migrates in the summer and winter. They move to warmer water in the summer and move to colder water in the winter. Because krill is available in all oceans, the blue whale does not need to travel for its food. A baby blue whale needs to get used to the cold water fast or it will die from freezing

Reasons for endangerment

The blue whale is endangered because in the 1900s people killed whales for their fat and sold it for lots of money. Today it is illegal to hunt whales, and the consequences are harsh. Whales were once treated like murders, but now they are gentle and mysterious giants waiting to be discovered.


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