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26th March, 2021

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Dear Students,

This month we delved into a topic that may have been somewhat disturbing for some, but absolutely necessary to explore, and that's the topic of Child Protection. This is a very important topic yet it had to be delivered with compassion and concern, and so far our roll out of lectures and activities in the Upper School has been smooth.

Our Juniors were the first students who were introduced to this topic followed by our Freshmen and Sophomores and finally our Seniors. Your assignment at the end was to do more research on the topic using the MISO method, and come up with your way of compiling the information and presenting it. YES you will be presenting your research to your fellow Lancers in the Auditorium on May 18th during Advisory.

This is an ongoing project which will continue after Spring Break. So far we have had an AMAZING response from our Juniors and in next month's Newsletter we will see the research of our Freshmen and Sophomores, and I'm sure it will be just as AWESOME!!!

The MISO Method of Action Research is included in our Advisory Curriculum so in this Newsletter, let's hear from our Juniors and their Advisors and see how they used this method to research on this crucial topic of Child Protection during their Advisory sessions.

Tessa John-Guerra

US Guidance Counselor

Child Protection Education

Click on the yellow button above or the play button below to see one of the presentations on Child Protection Education by the US Guidance Counselor. This one focused on Sexual Exploitation and Grooming.

Child Protection Advisory Presentation

Mme. Blandine Dailloux's Advisory!

"After attending the US Guidance Counselor's presentation about Grooming, my advisory group brainstormed how we could take the information to a further dimension and we came up with three main ideas: to share with our community relevant phone numbers to help our members to find support in Comunidad de Madrid as well as legal information, then we thought that our community needed to better understand the differences in personal interactions between Spain and the United-States, as cultural awareness helps prevent uncomfortable situations and last, we thought relevant to explain why an episode of abuse could not just be dismissed as trauma, is long lasting and can destroy one's life."

- Blandine Dailloux

- Grade 11 Advisor

- US FL Dept Chair/IB Examiner/WSL/MSA VTM

Her Students And Their Work!

This Presentation was done by: Daniil, Joseph and Luke

Click on the Yellow Button Above or Link Below to see the Slide Presentation researched by: Daniil Surikov, Joseph Rego and Luke Bedessem from Madam Dailloux's Advisory!

"The process of researching this was fairly easy, as I simply searched for the way in which the Spanish Legal Code perceives child abuse."

Daniil Surikov


This Slideshow was done by Gabriela, Ella, Elena & Maia

Click on the Yellow Button Above or Link Below to see the Slide Presentation researched by: Gabriela Bernabeu, Ella Hallberg, Elena Robles and Maia Vava from Madam Dailloux's Advisory!

"After Tessa's presentation, my advisory and I wanted to look into different aspects of grooming and sexual abuse in order to find correlations and conduct some further research. My group and I decided that we wanted to look at different cultures and how the different norms and behaviors of each may play a role in how often sexual abuse occurs and how often it is reported. We compared Spain to the United States seeing as we knew that there are very evident differences in their preferred interpersonal space. We then researched statistics and drew conclusions from the data in order to link everything together. Overall, this is an incredibly important topic and it was interesting to research an aspect of sexual abuse and grooming that may not be evident at first thought."

Gabriela Bernabeu


This presentation was done by Giulio, Juan and Sergio

Click on the Yellow Button Above or the Link Below to see this presentation by Giulio Castoldi, Sergio Higuera and Juan Milans on the Psychological After Effects of Sexual Abuse from Madam Dailloux's Advisory!

" The process we went through when building the presentation was to have a quick reflection as a group followed by us dropping all that we discussed about directly onto the document. To make the presentation better we went back and adjusted wording and added to some of the ideas with more details."

Giulio Castoldi


Ms. Ana Sakoli's Advisory

"I had students reflect on the Child Protection Presentation and introduced them to the MISO Method. Students were encouraged to collect data and information from school counselors, counselors/therapists from outside of school, online research, and more. Students made their own groups and divided the different tasks that they executed throughout the week. A successful outcome comes from informing students of Child Protection and allowing them to use their creativity and empathy when performing the research. Students did all of the work, and I am super proud of them!"

- Ana Sokoli
- Grade 11 Advisor

- Upper School Math Teacher

Her Students And Their Work!

Prepared by Jordan, Tyler, Esperanza, Madison, Carolina

This Google Doc was prepared by Jordan smith, Tyler Wallace, Esperanza Fernández, Madison Berry and Carolina Naranjo from Ms. Ana Sokoli's Advisory!. Click on the Yellow Button Above or the Link Below to see it.

"This experience helped unite us and helped us realize how big of a problem grooming is."

  • Jordan smith
  • Tyler Wallace
  • Esperanza Fernández
  • Madison Berry
  • Carolina Naranjo

Juniors in Ms. Sakoli's Advisory

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Use your mobile phone or an online voice recorder (there are lots of free voice recorders online) to record your voice. Record yourself reading your notes and then listen to the recordings.
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Try the Voice Recording technique and let me know how it goes.......

...I have personally used the Voice Recording technique for many years and it has never failed me yet. When I don't feel like getting up from bed and I need to study for exams I just listen to myself read out my notes for me. When I go out for walks I listen to my notes and sometimes I even go to bed and fall asleep listening to my notes. Even though I'm sleeping I know that the information is entering my subconscious mind. This technique is my go-to, every time I have an exam :) :) - Tessa John-Guerra

Check out the other techniques that I have shared in all the previous Newsletters under the subheading of "Study Skills". They are linked at the end of this Newsletter.

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Confronting sexual abuse, in high school by KCRW


Thank You for coming to the end of our Sixth Upper School Counseling & Advisory Newsletter.

Please send us your feedback and ideas here on topics to cover in future editions.

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