Elizabeth 2/15/12 a2


Ametrine is a rare and unusual stone which occurs in quartz when amethyst and citrine reside in the same crystal. Because the color zoning effect is natural, no two ametrines will ever be exactly alike.

Ametrine is very helpful in getting rid of depression. This leads to inner peace and tranquility.

Until very recently, the world's only source of this bicolored natural quartz is the Anahi Mine located in the jungles of Bolivia. The Bolivian government declared the land a state reserve and built a fortress near the mine entrance.Despite its remote location, ametrine made its way across the border to Brazil. These goods were then sold as Brazilian products.

The rights to the mine were sold, and during the past decade, so these collectible gems became available on the domestic marketplace.Ametrine is among an elite group of gems, because as of now there is just one source of this treasure in the worl.

It is rumoured that the mines where first discovered by native Indians in the seventeenth century.

Ametrine can be use in rings, neckles, bracelets earings ect.