By: Juliana Beduschi (Written by: Lewis MacNeice)

"But in brute reality, there is no road that is right entirely."

Pondering life while comparing it to intelligence, love, simplicity sounds very poetic, doesn't it? If you said no, I'm afraid to tell you you're wrong; because Louis MacNeice tends to do this precisely with such poise and expertise that you even forget you're supposed to be memorizing this for school.

Yeah, I just went there.

"Entirely" brings about the juxtaposition between certainty and uncertainty. It's explored in three distinct ways: intelligence, love, and simplicity. This poem displays our desire to gather information with certainty and our untimely fall when we are unable to do so. It then goes on to describe finding our happiness in another person and how that would shelter us from change with complete certainty. This is found untrue because change is a constant occurrence. Finally, "Entirely" depicts the feeling that if the world were were simply black and white, then it would be too easy; this is diminished by the fact that no matter what path you take in life, it will never be right entirely.


'Medicine' By The 1975 Instrumental by JulianaisaPanda
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