Ms Watkins' PreCalculus Update

September 16, 2013

Progress Reports and Remediation Plans This Week!!

Greetings Parents,

We are already on Week 5 of school, time is flying! Progress reports will be issued on Tuesday to all students and on Wednesday, Remediation Plans will be issued to all students who have a 75 or lower in my class. Please review, sign, and have your student return it to me. I will then issue them a copy of their own to keep.

In class we will be completing our first unit on Data Analysis and be going into Sequences and Series. Sequences and Series requires that students look for patterns and create equations or rules to generate those patterns. Your student should spend time studying functions as this will be crucial to success in this unit.

Grades to be input this week:

Central Limit Theorem Quiz – Students were given a quiz on CLT; these question were some of the exact same questions reviewed in class. If your student did not do well on the quiz, it is because they are not completing HW when assigned and/or not studying. They will be given the opportunity to do corrections for 1/2 credit on Friday. The grade that you will see is the grade with corrections.

Google Site Address – Students were asked a week ago to create a Google site and to upload it to a Google doc on my webpage. Only five students completed this task. Therefore, I will award "participation points (20) to those who complied by Monday. If you see a zero, it means that your student did not complete the task.

Pennies Activity- Students will complete this activity in class and the report will be turned in and graded for accuracy. f you see a zero, it means that your student did not complete the task.

CLT PowerPoint HW. Students were assigned to do a guided PowerPoint assignment for HW. All students participated in the HW review presentation and therefore all received credit.

Again, I need your support in stressing the importance of completing homework. Homework is practice and is not meant to be done perfectly and mistake free. Actually, homework coupled with classwork is your child’s opportunity to experience learning by making and correcting mistakes. In class, we review the homework and students have the opportunity to ask questions. I do not collect HW daily, as these are college-bound students who need to understand that homework is beneficial to success on quizzes and tests; additionally, it helps to develop good study skills. HW quizzes are my way of “collecting” homework.

PreCalculus Webpage

Students should check this webpage daily. All assignments, quiz/dates, links to math resources, etc. will be located here.


  • EXCESSIVE TALKING: Please speak to your student about the importance of LISTENING and not SOCIALIZING in class.
  • SUPPLIES: Students need to make sure that they have pencils, a TI Nspire calculator, several composition notebooks. colored pencils, personal pencil sharpener, tissue, and hand sanitizer.
  • TI-NSPIRE: The TI Nspire is the preferred calculator of the school. You may purchase another type of calculator, however, your student will have to be the "expert" for that calculator.
  • HOMEWORK: Homework is given daily. It may consist of reading, studying, notetaking, researching, doing problems, creating webguides, videos, etc. Whatever the case, students should spend at least 45 minutes of their time dedicated to math.
  • WEBPAGE: I have created a webpage for each course that I teach. Students are expected to visit it daily and keep abreast of assignments and due dates. I will not be posting assignments in the classroom.
  • TUTORIALS: Math Dept. tutorials are held on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30. Tutorials are a privilege, not a right. Tutorials are by appointment only. Students may sign up via a a google doc on my webpage and must obtain a pass from me the Monday prior to tutorial. Students must come with their notebook and their specific questions. I will encourage study sessions in my tutorials as I prepare my students for college survival.
  • TARDIES: Please remind students to come to class on time. Right now, the majority of tardies occur in First Period and after lunch.
  • DRESS CODE: Many students are following the dress code, YAY!! However, some are getting in trouble for wearing multicolored shoes (shoes should be white, brown, blue, or black) and outerwear (sweaters and jackets) that is not in school colors (outer wear should be white (not beige), navy blue, or hunter green.
  • LARGE BAGS: I know that large bags are stylish, however, they pose a safety threat. Large purses/handbags are not allowed in classrooms. If the bag is large enough to carry a book, it is considered a book bag and should be mesh or clear, otherwise it must remain in the locker.

Contact me!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns! E-mail is my preferred way to communicate, however, all forms of communication are welcomed.