Holicong Middle School

Updates From Mr. Bucher (Week of 12/3)


Art on the Move Gala

Since September 24th, Holicong students have been creating artwork, poetry, and short stories as they interpreted contemporary Bucks County paintings that were on loan from the Bucks County Intermediate Unit. Holicong hosted the Art on the Move Gala on Wednesday night. We appreciate all of the students and parents who celebrated this event with us.

Music of the Streets

Artwork Studied: Jazz Series #4 by Paul Keene

The piece "Music of the Streets" is telling the story of the simple life where music is at the heart. The piece "Jazz Series #4" seemed to show a group of guitarists drawn in only pencil. So, to relate to this simple, yet meaningful piece, "Music of the Streets" is trying to show this musical simplicity in a different setting. "Music of the Streets" is based off of pictures of Italian streets and a single guitarist. It was created using chalk, pastels, and colored pencil to outline and shade. (Submitted by Megan L.)

Art on the Move Poem Written By 8th Grader Dylan W.


Go and sail the ocean blue

A whole adventure for me and you

Go on a journey to set you free

Come escape from reality

Come to the land of dreams

Here we are all kings or queens

Out on the ocean blue

We can go to a land like you never knew

The journey is rough and filled with fear

But when it ends, it's better than here!

Tour of Athens

Students in Mr. Willard’s social studies classes have been studying Ancient Greece. During this experience, students were asked to imagine that they were a tourist in Athens during the “Golden Age” of Greece. Students were required to create a memoir of their journey and to document the cultural contributions of the Greeks. Let us take you on a brief Tour of Athens.

Holicong Helps Local Families!

The P.O.P.S. organization is sponsoring some Holicong families during this holiday season. We appreciate how incredibly generous all of you have been in the past and that is why we feel confident we will meet the needs of these families. Your giving will make a significant difference in the Holiday celebration of the kids and their families right here at Holicong.

For the Giving Tree we are collecting $10.00 Gift Cards from a select group of stores so that they can add up to something substantial for the families......Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Old Navy, and Barnes & Noble.

Some of the P.O.P.S. kids will put together a basket for each family with candles, chocolates and homemade cookies.

All staff, students, and families are welcome to be involved. If you would like to participate please come to Guidance and choose a gift card tag off the Giving Tree. All cards need to be returned by Friday 12/14

Thank You for your generosity and care!!!

PEN 8 Students Continue To Paint Murals In Holicong's Stairwells

Science Class At Holicong!

Team 7-1 has been busy learning about animals this month. As part of the unit on amphibians, the students had the opportunity to get an up close experience with the most popular member of the class, the frog! Over the course of two days, the students made observations and connections between the external and internal structures during the dissection of a frog. The students were able to see firsthand how form fits function in these amphibians, and explain how several structures allow the frogs to successfully live on land and in water. The students thought this was a “Ribbit”ing experience!

Orchestra Concert

Wednesday, Dec. 12th 2012 at 7:30pm

2804 Holicong Road

Doylestown, PA

9th Grade Music Concert

Thursday, Dec. 13th 2012 at 7:30pm

Doylestown, PA

Doylestown, PA