Maillet's Kindergarten Newsletter

Week Of May 4th

Highlights from last week....

I hope you all had a great weekend. Due to our short week and kindergarten screening, we did not get a chance to complete much of the work that I had planned. So, this week will look much like last week.

We were able to practice making text to self connections during independent reading. We completed module 4 of our math unit. We planted seeds and learned about the life cycle of a plant and we read some nursery rhymes.

A peek at our learning this week....

In Reader's Workshop, we will be working on how readers think while they read. We will be using our schema as we read our books. The children are working on making text to text while they read. They will compare and contrast different fiction and non fiction stories regarding seeds and plants this week.

In phonics, we will focus on short vowels, building words and nonsense words.

In Math, we will be begin our new module on building teen numbers.

In Science, we will continue our month long unit on life cycles. We will begin our unit on Plants. We will read several non fiction books and participate in several activities to help us understand the concept.

In Social Studies, we will really concentrate on identifying sequential actions, such as first, next and last in stories and use them describe the life cycle of the plant.

In our Second Step program, we will continue to learn about our own feelings and how they can change.

We are going to continue our unit on Nursery Rhymes. This week we will read several nursery rhymes. We will discuss the difference between a nursery rhyme and a story.


Many of you have asked for different ways to practice sight words with your child. I found this website with some ideas. I hope it helps!

Change of Clothes

Please be aware that due to the warmer weather, we will be going outside as much as we can during recess. The playground will be wet. Please send in a change of clothes for your child. I will change out the clothes that I currently have for them when I receive the new ones from home. Also, if you send your child in to school with boots, please be sure to send in a pair of sneakers or shoes to change into. Our friends are coming in from recess soaking wet and they have nothing to change into. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

More information

Many parents are asking what the class needs for supplies. We could use some Clorox Wipes. Thank you in advance.


Please practice letters and sounds with your child nightly! Thank you!

Thank you!!