Room 113 News February 24th

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Music Celebration of Learning

Mark your Calendars:

  • G2 COL: Thursday, March 23, 1:00 p.m in the Chevron Theater
  • Students are encouraged to wear free performance dress for their COL (e.g. nice pants/shorts, non-PE clothes, dress/skirt)

Please contact Mr. Enders with questions about this event. We hope to see you there!

What have we been learning?

Reading: We are learning about strategies nonfiction readers use. We will then form nonfiction book clubs to learn how readers discuss the things they learn. This is a challenging skill for second graders!

Writing: Our class enjoyed writing science lab reports immensely. It was a time for students to take complete ownership of their own learning and document their discoveries and processes. Now we are studying literary nonfiction. Students have spent the last week learning about how this genre is structured and what strategies authors use to both entertain and educate their readers. Students are now planning their first literary nonfiction books. Ask your child what his/her book is about and what he/she will teach you in it.

Math: We closed up our last unit of study around multiplication by creating a class book. Each of the book's pages are designed by a student who arranges counters and gives a hint that will allow readers to efficiently count them. All students made the connection between multiplication and repeated addition. Look for our class book soon! Now were are shifting our focus back to addition and subtraction. Students have formed their own "t-shirt factories" and are doing math together each day within this context. Our goal is for student to develop a deeper understanding of the traditional addition and subtraction algorithms through exploration of place value. If your child is familiar with the way you learned how to add and subtract multi-digit numbers, ask him/her about the carrying/borrowing/regrouping. This has been our focus. We will spend the next 5 weeks exploring more complex addition and subtraction, new strategies that promote mental math and efficiency, and understanding realistic contexts where mathematicians have to add and subtract numbers up to 1000.

Science: We have closed up our study of air and will now move into a study of weather.

From our Counselor

From Ms. Thomas:

In guidance we have begun our Child Protection Unit, which will include 3 lessons on safety. Our first lesson this week will focus on general safety rules. We will specifically discuss fire safety, gun safety and the "Always Ask First" rule. The latter rule states that children must always ask their parents or the person in charge first if someone wants them to go somewhere or if someone wants to give them something. Please ask your child to demonstrate what he or she would do in the following situations:

*What would you do if a neighbor offered you a ride home from school?

*What would you do if you were at the park and someone you don't know asked you to help them find their lost dog?

*What would you do if someone who lives down the block wanted to give you a present?

Thank you for helping reinforce these important safety rules.

Send a T-shirt

Please send a white white t-shirt to school with your child by Friday March 4th. The shirt doesn't have to be new. The shirt can have logos or writing on it. The shirt can also be plain. We will be tie-dying them together as a fun way to bring closure to our unit of study in math entitled, "The T-shirt Factory" If you have some extra shirts, please send those with your child as well. Thank you!