#4 Author's Chair

Instructional Focus on Writing for K-8

What is it?

  • A special chair in the classroom designated as the author’s chair.
  • Any sort of chair labeled as the “Author’s Chair”
  • Only for students sharing their writing
  • Can be used as a chance to celebrate completed work or receive feedback from peers during drafting stages


1) Choose a special chair (lawn chair, rocking chair, stool).

2) Explain how the author’s chair will be used.

3) Have one student sit in the author’s chair.

4) Have the student-author read.

5) Invite listeners to comment.

6) Have the student call on classmates.

Why is it useful?

  • Gives students a platform to share their thoughts and ideas
  • Helps students develop a sense of authorship
  • Allows students to experiment with their writing—purpose, genre, audience
  • Social process—interaction between the author and the audience is beneficial
  • Can build confidence in the author

Anything else?

Focus on encouragement and constructive feedback.

High tech author’s chair using a computer and a large monitor.