Coordinators Corner

Keeping It Simple and Straightforward!

Volume 1, Issue 8

Just a minute

It takes just a second to say “Good Morning”

As they walk in the door.

It takes just a minute to ask “How are you?”

And listen to their reply.

It takes just a second to smile “I’m here for you.”

And see their faces light up.

It takes just a minute to shake a hand, fist bump, high-five

And make their day.

It takes just a second to wonder “Is this right for me?”

And question your chosen path.

It takes just a minute to realize “Yes, it is!”

And make a difference.

If no one stopped to make sure that their commitment to teaching was pure and at the core of their being, then we would not have teachers like you who care about kids. Because if the answer ever becomes "No", then it is time to pause and reevaluate where you are and what you are doing.

Yesterday, I attended the SUHSD BTSA Colloquium where approximately 50 first and second year teachers celebrated either year one of the program or their final completion. Of the five new teachers at my table, each one had that same question early on. "Is this right for me?" Well, they have decided, yes. Even though they sometimes struggled to make it through the day, their support providers assured them "It gets easier. It gets better."

So my poem "Just a Minute" is a reminder that we matter to our students and your hard work as the CIS for your site matters to each and every student.

A couple of videos

If I Knew Then: A Letter to Me on My First Day Teaching
Heart of Teacher

Middle Schools, AVA, EHA Site Plans approved by board May 9, 2016!

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Day of the Teacher

So here is my success story with a former student. Alex Ruiz is now working in SUHSD Finance Department. Alex was once my 8th grader at CPM. This was a kid who loved to push my buttons! He would only do the work that got him a C. I used to tell him I knew he could do better. He returned four years later when I had his sister and told me thank you for never accepting his C's and pushing him to try harder. next summer he will have a Master's Degree in Special Education, 3 credentials (Sped, Mild/Moderate, Moderate/Severe) and will hopefully be working here in Sweetwater as an Intern teacher.

Dates to remember

May 20-CIS Meeing 8;00-??@PDC Potluck Breakfast

May 23-Board Meeting to Approve SPSAs (HS, GJR, PH, OSS, SCD) 6PM@Board Room

May 23-25-NCUST Symposium @SD Marriot

May 30-Memorial Day No School

June 3-Last Day of School

June 6-July 15-Summer Break