End of Year edition


We had the opportunity to explore answers to the following questions:

"How do the cultures of Native Americans impact Texans today?"

"How can we build a vertical garden in our school?"

"How can we as Athletic Coaches create a workout video that can promote strength, health and wellness?"


In October we worked on a blog that made us aware of making healthy choices, and we designed plans for intelligent houses.

We also had a visit from Dr. Gibson, who shared with us his pathway to become a Clinical Veterinarian, and gave us a lecture prior to our frog dissection.


With our knowledge of body systems, we worked on diagnosing an illness based on the symptoms a student presented.

We dissected a frog and identified its organs, worked on a proposal for a Spanish Mission, and with our probability unit, we developed a Probability game for our 8th grade Field Day.

We also had two visits from NASA:

- Women in STEM

- Problem solving in outerspace.


We celebrated December with an Engineering Design Challenge.

Stomp Rockets are rockets created with PVC pipe and a 2L bottle. We had fun creating and then evaluating changes to our models.

Finally, we want to congratulate Audrey & Luke who are our STEM Ambassadors for the 2nd Nine weeks.

STOMP Rocket video

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