Week in a Wink

January 19, 2016


Porter Pledgers!!

January 19:

MAP Testing starts (be sure to create your class lists online)

8:00 Grade 3 RTI in Macy's Room

Lots of IEPs and a 504 so check your invites

January 20:

IEP Consults Week "A" (AM)

8:00-11:00 3rd grade Planning Time

12:00-3:30 HPC

January 21:

8:00 TL Learning Center Meeting

PM IEP Consults Week "A"

January 22:

Yay! It's Friday!!

It could be worse!! We could be living in Alaska!

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Fun Facts:

Yesterday was...Ditch New Year's Resolution Day (stay strong, people!)

Today is...Thesaurus Day!

Tuesday is...Popcorn Day! (Sam????)

Wednesday is...Penguin Appreciation Day!

Thursday is...Hugging Day! (Give someone a hug or two!)

Friday is...Answer Your Cat's Questions Day! (Really?)

You might find this useful with your students...

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