Death Penalty

By: Samuel Cangialosi

Is the Death Penalty Needed?

Are crimes worthy of the Death Penalty

The death penalty brings a lot of controversial argument, such as is there any crime that should lead to death. Some believe that if the crime is minor then prison is the alternative, if the crime was murder then the death penalty could be a possibility. The death penalty is taking someone's life and that would be going against God's word which is all life is precious. The death penalty is cruel and taking someone's life is terrible.


Colored people having higher chance of receiving the death penalty. Discrimination is wrong and it is not right to base someone off the color of their skin. It is not right to have someone having the higher chance of receiving the death penalty over someone having a different skin color.


Christians are against taking someones life because God says all life is precious. Being religious myself i believe that the death shouldn't be brought upon anyone. It is unholy and inhumane.


In conclusion, I believe the death penalty is wrong and no one should get it. The death penalty is inhumane and brings a lot of controversy to colored people.