Western front tours 2015

from Paris to Gallipoli

Where is it?

We spend the first day after the flight in Paris exploring the old battlefields and new culture France has to offer and spend 2 nights in a 4star hotel.

Then we fly to Ypres to witness the site at which the second battle of Ypres took place.

We spend the night camped out near this site.

Last of all we go to Gallipoli for the day, traveling to ANZAC cove and some of the cemeteries in which our brave soldiers lay. We spend the night there and then depart back home

Western front tour

Friday, Jan. 16th 2015 at 10am to Wednesday, Jan. 21st 2015 at 12pm


9:00am - gather at airport

10:00am - departure

7:30am - arrival at Paris

7:50-4:00pm - travel around Paris with tour guide

4:00-6:30pm - free time

6:30-8:00pm - dinner at hotel

8:00- 4:00pm - go to battle fields around France

5:00pm - departure to Ypres

9:00pm - arrival at Ypres and campsite

6:00-3:00pm - travel around the site of the battle

3:00- 7:00pm - free time

8:00pm - departure

3:00am - arrival at Gallipoli

8:00- 3:00pm travel around Gallipoli with tour guide

3:00-8:00pm -free time

9:00pm departure to Austraila