Byzantine Empire

How Feudalism Formed

It started in the 8th century when the Carolingian dynasty was trying to expand it's territory. Charles Martel had given his nobles the right to over tracts of land to stop the income, but in return he wanted them to give a oath of loyalty . This was very beneficial to Charles. Doing this, he created a relationship between the and the king and the vassal.

Feudalism Over the Years

Even though feudalism started in the 8th century it didn't start to spread until the 10th century. A great amount of power and land wealth was being spread. The nobles were recruiting bishops and abbots. The bishops and abbots played a very small part in feudalism they mostly were on the battlefield fighting. Also generations of marriages help families gain more land wealth. Over the years feudalism began to get more and more complex.

Manor System

The manorial system was a relationship between the knight and his peasants. The knights were able to scared his peasants into subjection. The knight had the force on his side. The knights basically ruled the peasants. There were people who were apart of the serfs, they were able to free the peasants unless their lords says they can.

Manorial Court

The serfs had to pay their lord some type of labour rent. It could either be natural produce, days of the week of their own labour, or money. A manorial court was a basis around the manorial system. All of things that the peasants did wrong they went to the manorial court. The lord had the right to make the decision on what their punishment should be.