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How Do the Chartered Surveyors conduct the Real Estate Valuation?

Hiring chartered surveyor for buying and selling of your properties is the best way to make sure that you got the best deal out of your transactions. There are many London chartered surveyors, who are recognised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) who can help you with any property or asset related matters.

The Actual Real Estate Valuation

Chartered surveyors usually offer three different kinds of surveying options for the clients.

  • Valuation of the Mortgage: - To keep the interest of the lenders, the actual value of the property will be estimated in order to make sure that the provider avails good profit from the transaction.

  • Survey of the whole Building: - A survey is conducted thoroughly on the thatched cottages, listed buildings, homes built from the timber frames, etc, by the chartered surveyors. The surveyors avail second opinion from the other building reviewers to make sure that the buyers or the lenders will not experience any loss.

  • Certificate of Energy Performance: - As an included clause of the home investigations, the surveyors offer the certificate stating the current performance of the electrical energy in that particular building or home

  • Survey of the Homebuyers: - While buying any property, it is always the best way to take the opinion of the homebuyers’ survey since they shed the light on the current status of the buildings and also about the procedures to be followed while maintaining it.

Even though the London chartered surveyors are not the property specialists, they give 100% from their side to make sure that they provide all the available information about the property, buildings or home to the buyers. This is the best way to help the buyers decide whether to acquire the property or not.