Matter Matters!

Matter is Everything! Matter Matters!

Types of Matter

Classifications of Matter

Below is a diagram of the Classifications of Matter
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Pure Substances

Pure Substances are just one type of Atom, or one fixed combination of atoms. Pure substances have become one, and are chemically bonded. They can't be separated without a great deal of energy.
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Gold is an example of a pure substance


Atoms form the same element will be the same. Elements from different elements will be different. Aluminum is one of the many elements.


Two or more elements that are chemically combined in a fixed ratio. Table salt is a compound.


Mixtures are two or more substances that are mixed together, and can not always tell that is it mixed together by looking at it. Mixtures are not chemical bonded together, and can be separated physically
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Trail/Snack mix is a mixture

Homogeneous Mixture

This is when a mixture has become one. You can not pick out the individual parts. It is all one, like lemonade and mixed drinks.

Heterogeneous Mixture

With heterogeneous mixtures, it is easier to tell everything apart. In a Grilled Cheese, it is quite easy to tell the bread from the cheese. The two are very separate.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Physical properties are things you can identify with one of the five sences, You can see, touch taste, smell, hear physical things. Chemical properties are the atoms and elements things are made of. They are the ability to form new substances
Chemical Properties are the abilities things have to change.

Chemical changes

There are many ways to tell if a chemical change has occurred. These include....

Chemical Changes

Like listed above, Chemical changes include tablets bubbling and creating a gas, apples, strawberries and other fruits changing colors as they ripen and cookies creating a pleasant smell as they bake.

Physical Changes

Physical Changes are when a product has a physical change. Crushing chalk, melting ice and cutting a ribbon. The pieces are still the same but in a different form.

Chemical V.S. Physical Changes

If something is changed chemically, it can not be undone. You can't un-bake cookies. You can't un-ripen fruit. However, you could reweave ribbon together (it might be hard, but you could try!). You can refreeze the water to make new ice. Physical you can redo, and remake. That's quite a bit harder with chemical changes.