Why you shouldn't change

By: Peyton Smith

Why you shouldn't change for someone else

There once was a girl named Becca. She wanted to be friends with Kate. Kate never really payed any attention to Becca. Becca tried so hard to be her friend. But Kate just didn't want to be friends.

Becca had a best friend. Her name was Leyla. Leyla and Becca hung out all the time. But as Becca tried harder harder to be Kate's friend, she started to not really pay attention to Leyla. She started to act like she was too good to be Leyla's friend. Becca started to pretty much ignore her. Leyla started to get mad. She was done with how much Becca was changing for Kate. Leyla knew that wasn't who Becca really was. Then one day, Leyla was finally done. She couldn't handle it anymore. "I don't want to be your friend anymore, you never pay any attention to me!" But Becca wasn't listening. "Do you think Kate likes me?" She asked Leyla absentminded. Becca tried harder and harder to be Kate's friend. Finally Kate told Becca that she didn't want to be friends with her. So Becca stopped trying. Then, she finally noticed Leyla wasn't talking to her anymore and she realized what she had done. She didn't even become friends with Kate and now she had lost her best friend in the process. MORAL: Don't change yourself for someone else.

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