Assistive Technology

By Patty Sukup

Experience with Assistive Technology

The only experience that I have had with assistive technology is with screen readers. We use them with students that have reading disabilities. It allows the student to keep the same pace and assignments as the other students that do not struggle to read. I took a class in Wayne that exposed me to the different technologies that are on the list in Module 6 and I have a cousin that was injured in a car wreck when she was a teen. She isn’t able to run a computer but she uses a joystick to move around her wheelchair.

Type of Assistive Technology I Researched

I researched screen reader, because it benefits me with some of the students in Ewing and Sip and Puff. Screen Reader would be used for Communication and Environmental Interaction. Sip and Puff. would be used for all categories, existence, communication, positioning, mobility, physical education, and environmental interaction.

Sip and Puff

Sip and Puff- Sip and Puff is a technology used by someone that is not able to move their arms or legs. They use mouth commands to manipulate technology. It can be used for a variety of commands allowing individuals the freedom to move around and communicate. Sip and Puff will give a student the chance to attend a school instead of being home bound. With the correct instruments, a student would be able to communicate with a teacher and move around a school setting.

Screen Reader

Screen Reader - Screen Readers are a device that allows the user to use hearing instead of sight to navigate on a computer. It not only allows them to read what is on the screen but it allows them to navigate around a website. We use them at our school for students that have reading disabilities but it can be used for someone that is blind. in the classroom, it give a student with a reading disability a chance to keep up in a regular classroom setting. Those students will spend less time in the Special Education room and more time with their classmates. In some cases, by the time a student has read a paragraph, they have trouble comprehending what they have read, but if they hear it, they can understand the curriculum. It is important for web designers to know what will assist a blind person to navigate the Internet.