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Dwayne Got Grit!

Kudos to Dwayne McDonald for his persistence to stick with the Payroll printer problem until resolution. Our connections with SAP , this Print server, etc. are a bit complicated. He worked with AT&T staff person (out of Mexico) to help get the issue resolved.

I gave him a big thanks….but I wanted you to know that he did a great job.

Marsha H Tidwell, CPA

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Levels of Teaching Innovation (LoTI)

The LoTI framework was introduced in 1996 as a professional growth model related to the integration of technology. The basis for LoTI is based on HEAT:

  • Higher order thinking skills are taught and used
  • Engagement of students in the learning process
  • Authenticity of the lesson to the real word
  • Technology or available resources are used as tools to think and reason

Dr. Chris Moersh, creator of the LoTI framework, Kurt Bernhardt, and principal Schroeder at Arthur, conducted a series of classroom walk throughs at Arthur using the LoTI observation tool on Friday. There was this one 5th grade classroom that was divided into teams. Each team member had a specific role (scribe, timekeeper, navigator, leader, etc). Each team created a stop-motion movie with their iPad, using oreo cookies, about the phases of the moon. Although each team created a similar movie, the process and product was completely different. Not only was it an academic standard, but they collaboratively made the movie using available technology.....supporting the ISTE Standards for Students and the 4Cs of the P21 Framework. It was exciting to witness.

Dr. Moersh and I had a conversation regarding IT shops that support schools. How can a traditional IT shop that is focused on operations and maintenance make sure they are providing the necessary infrastructure to the classroom. Not surprisingly, he stated that 1) a robust and reliable infrastructure and 2) support that is readily available are two key ingredients that are essential to the recipe of success. Interestingly, he further divided support into technical and instructional resources.

End of Year testing ends on Friday

Friday, May 13th, 4:30pm

This is an online event.

Great job these past couple of years with State assessments. Total #fistbump to Client Service for their proactive site visits and to Network Service for their proactive monitoring.

Infinite Campus - Teacher Coach Training

Monday, May 9th, 8am to Friday, May 20th, 4:30pm

900 North Klein Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK

Infinite Campus trainer will be onsite in 400A to train Teacher Coaches in the use of the Infinite Campus grade book and how to take attendance and other classroom functions of Infinite Campus. OKCPS will utilize the train-the-trainer model where teachers will train other teachers in their buildings.
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Over the past several months, I've heard these terms a lot. I noticed that many use these terms interchangeably. However, they do have distinct meanings.

My good friend Google gave me a page that helped explain the differences between the definitions beautifully.

In summary:

  • A policy is a rule or guideline. Policies define the what and why whereas regulations define the who, where, where, and how.
  • A process is high level task identification,
  • A procedure is the step-by-step flowchart/workflow of the high level tasks.

To facilitate our division's sustainability, we also need to continue developing documented and graphical processes and procedures.

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In predicting our Internet bandwidth needs, as recommended by SETDA and the FCC, I came across this interesting infographic last week that really threw me for a loop. By the 17-18 school year, it is recommended that schools acquire Internet speeds of 1 Megabit per student. We have 40K students, so that would be a 40 Gigabit circuit required to meet that recommendation. At our current capacity of 10 Gps, we would be 75% BELOW recommended capacity. To acquire that circuit, we can assume a linear cost increase of 300%, from $19K to almost $100K per year....assuming that E-Rate covers that costs.

Oh, don't stop there. Imagine all the network infrastructure that must be upgraded to prevent bottlenecks: Internet filters, core switches/routers, and firewalls. With foresight, we're accounting for core routers and switches in our bond proposal. Network Services is getting costs of other areas affected by a 40G circuit.

School Site Visits

Last year, I had asked for staff that normally do not visit schools to get out there and visit them. Get a feeling for the students and staff we serve. I haven't asked for an update in a while.....

So where'd you go? What did you see? What did you learn? What did you find surprising? Did you have any AHA moments?

Remember, visit one school a month.....and yes, do a different school each time :)