The Resistance

Table 5

What is The Resistance?

The resistance was made up of many groups of Jewish people that resisted the forces of the Nazis. The Nazis believed in the "Final Solution" which is a Nazi euphemism that was a plan to execute all the Jews of Europe. This only made the resistance intensify. They would smuggle food, weapons, and clothes so that they could attack the Nazi soldiers in refusal to be captured.

Basic Info and Facts

Why was it hard?

- lack of supplies, training, unwillingness to leave their families behind, and the fear of Nazi’s

Where was the resistance?

- many different places such as France, Poland, Lithuania, and Belgium


- 1942-1944

Other Facts

- Resistance intensified after the knowledge of the “Final Solution.”

- groups of Jews at concentration camps would use stolen weapons to attack guards

- They had minimal or no support from those around them

- a small number of non-jews were involved in the resistance