Retailing on the Internet

Isak Arms, 4th Period

Rainforest Cafe

The Rainforest Cafe is a family friendly restaurant that is meant to simulate the experiences that could be found deep within the rainforest. The restaurant is classified as a services retailer although the gift shop at the front of the store can also be classified as a specialty store. It is decorated with plant life, animatronic animals, low lighting and even occasional thunderstorm. The Cafe uses these attractions to draw in hungry families that are wondering throughout the mall. One way that the Cafe up-sells is that they have more "touristy" objects towards the front of the cafe and more expensive items at the back. This strategy leads the potential customers through the entire cafe to find an item and along the way, some customers may catch their eyes on something else. The store also cross-sells as they have "themed" clothing that when pieced together, would match together and encourage the customer to purchase all of the items in the series.


Chico's is a retail women's clothing chain. Chico's would technically a special store as it only sells "CHICO'S" branded products, as compared to department stores. From reliable sources, since i am not familiar with this store, they appeal to customers by providing fashionable and fairly moderately priced items. They cross-sell by having more desired items packaged with less desired items for a slightly midway cost. This allows the company to sell both items at a higher price than having the customer only purchase one. Chico's up-sells by having special store discounts that require the customer to purchase more expensive items that cost (x) amount in order to achieve the benefits such as in store credit or a seasonal item.
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Motherhood Maternity

This store geared towards pregnant women. The store has gained popularity amongst pregnant women due to its quality and prices. It is a specialty store that rarely ever sells to another demographic. It cross-sells by selling items that function better when paired with another. For example, a maternity shirt probably functions better with maternity pants. Also it sells by preying on the mother's want to supply their baby with the best quality materials. This enforces an unseen "guilt trip" on the consumer as most mothers value safety/quality over price for their child.
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Luggage Factory

Luggage factory serves the purpose of providing luggage goods to the common folk and is considered a specialty store. Luggage factory advertises to people who need luggage whether they are tourists who are buying lots of items in the mall and need a place to put them or are looking for baggage that you need for a future trip. Luggage Factory cross-sells by having smaller, more practical items placed with less luxurious items. It also up-sells using the same technique.
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Old Navy

Old Navy is a department store that is family oriented and wildly popular due to its prices and its selection in clothing. Old Navy up-sells by placing items such as shirts, pants, shoes all in one area to influence the consumer to purchase the items together. It cross-sells by showing items of clothing placed together in pictures and mannequins to encourage customers to purchase them together.