Give a Boy a Gun

by leslie lemus

Story Element

Give a Boy a Gun takes place in Middletown during the persent. The main conflict in the story is Gary and Brendan are getting buillied and the teachers know that something is going on with them and the teachers dont do anything and then Gary and Brendan were writing suicide letters. The book begins with introducing Gary and Brendan and then how their lifes started in 7th grade. Also how they meet on eavh other how brendan was new and then he didnt know no one only Gary. The climax of the book is Brendan and Gary were getting bullied and they didnt tell no one about it. Then they were writing suicide nots though out the book. Pick up the book to find out what happenes!

Chararcter Analysis

The main character is Gary. Three words to describe the main character are sweet, obedient child, and smart. The character is motivated by his family supporting him. Also his teachers support him along with the school. i like the main character because hes sweet and he has a good life going just that hes having a little rough time in high school but every teen does. The relationship between Gary and Brendan is a goof one because they both have each other but they both want to face their suicide.


The them of the novel is competition.

one example that supports the theme is that Middle town is a great emphasis on the atheletes in town. They got true football players a wrestlers.

Antoher example is that Gary and Brendan who end up seeking revenge on their peers and tormentors by killing themself

A third example from the book is the status that the athletes hold to make them untouchable when is comes to getting introuble in school.

a final example is that the dividing line is something that all of the students, teachers and administrators notice and acknowlege but nobody does anything about it