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On Wednesday, I hosted a Google Classroom Training to help parents understand the way their students are accessing learning this year. In the training, I emphasized four points.

1. You need to log into Google Classroom with your child. In the training, I referred to this as "CyberMoming". There are several ways you can do this. One way is to put Google Classroom on your phone or another digital device. I downloaded the app on my phone. My kids now can log in, and I can see the content, assigned work, completed work, graded work. They both can log in at once, so I can switch back and forth between both accounts. The other option is to sit with your child and walk through the assignments in Google Classroom. This system of checking Google Classroom together replace the nightly folder/binder check. Although, it is done the same way.

2. Our instructional approach has changed. We talked for a while about how instruction is different this year based on training our staff has received this summer. The change was done for two purposes. The first reason is so we would be prepared for students to learning any time anywhere. The other reason is this helps our teachers provide feedback and work individually with students. This year the teacher presents new content in a video with notes. Then they have several activities for practice, application and assessment presented. They can be present in one hyperdoc or several separate documents. The big tip is to READ EVERYTHING AND START WITH THE VIDEO. Anything in Google Classroom is important. You CANNOT go to the assignment and try to complete it without watching the video, doing the reading, and/or completing the practice activities.

3. Click on everything in Google Classroom. When you are checking whether assignments are complete or not DO NOT rely on seeing an assignment is submitted. A LOT of kids are not completing assignments and hitting the submit button. If you do not click on the assignment, even though it is submitted, you may think it is finished. If you click on the assignment, you can see whether or not there is work on the doc, slide, or sheet. If there is no work, you can have your student unsubmit and make changes. There may be procedures in place if the teacher has already graded the work, so you may need to email them first.

4. You can download assignments and videos onto the Chromebook so your child can work offline. You can view this document for directions on how to download work. All students have been or will be trained on how to do this. You can see the Wifi access article below for more information about how the district is working to support the Wifi.

If you would like to see the video, you can fill out the RSVP form, and I will make sure it gets sent to you. GOOGLE CLASSROOM PARENT TRAINING RSVP Further, we will have more training as we identify the needs of our students and staff. Please stay tuned and contact your building principals if you have questions.


The district is working to support our families that are struggling with the internet at home. Whether it is spotty service or limited data, sometimes in Concord we just do not have good access to the internet. We are working with the ISD to have WiFi antennas installed on the outside of both the ES/MS and HS buildings. When this is finished, there are spaces in the parking lot where families can have access to free wifi 24 - 7. We anticipate the antennas to be installed and operational in about 2 weeks.

In addition to the wifi in the parking lot, we will be sending hot spots out into our district on Wednesday. If you are in need of wifi access, you can go to the location listed below at the scheduled time and access the internet. This will give families the opportunity to download or upload and assignment, easily attend a zoom meeting for additional support, and watch videos that are tough to stream and/or download at home.

Burger King Parma, 12301 W Michigan Ave 11am-12pm

Tractor Supply, Albion 12:20pm-1:20pm

Pulaski Free Methodist Church 1:50pm-2:50pm

College and Career Access Center Memo

The FAFSA and College Month opened up Thursday, October 1st, and we are ready to start completing this huge financial step, along with college admissions steps, with ALL Jackson County seniors- either virtually or in-person at our Center.

If you are interested in using the Center and our Staff in lieu of your traditional event to get FAFSA's completed, please connect with your Advisor to discuss options. The FAFSA season runs through March 1, 2021 (to be eligible for both Federal and State Aid), so we have lots of time to market and plan a day, night, or even a week- as we are fully staffed at the Center- if you would like to have an event at our place.

Additionally, Mrs. Otto has put a couple of videos in the Class of 2021 Google classroom that can assist with filling out the FAFSA as well. If a senior is not yet part of the Class of 2021 Google classroom, they can join at blg7r2b.


Tomorrow's varsity football game with Union City will be live-streamed. You can watch the game at the following link

The game begins at 11 am.

Elementary YellowJacket Trait of the Week

Social-emotional learning addresses the very important skills our students need to be top-notch YellowJackets. The skill for this six weeks is self-awareness. Inside the area of self-awareness, this week's focus area was being confident. Being confident means having full assurance or a strong belief.

Throughout this week, the elementary school students were given challenges and learning opportunities around self-awareness and being confident. See the video below for this week's YellowJacket of the Week. Next week's trait is I have a growth mindset.

Our middle school YellowJackets worked on identifying your personal qualities and external supports this week. They did an amazing job with their Challenge Activities. The activities and challenges that match the middle school focus can be found inside their Intervention class in Google Classroom. Next week the Be A Good Human Trait or skill is to demonstrate resilience and a growth mindset.

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Upcoming Events

10/6 ES and MS Picture Day

10/14 HS PSAT/NMSQT (11th graders)

10/16 ES/MS End of the first quarter HS end of the first semester

10/19 No School for Student

10/20 HS PSAT (9TH grade)

10/27 SAT Makeup (12th Grade)

10/29 HS PSAT/NMSQT (10th grade)

11/4 Parent-Teacher Conferences 1:00-7:00 p.m.

11/17 Picture Retakes

11/25 -11/27 No School for Staff and Students - Thanksgiving Break

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